Get Free Website ( if hosted on our server )


The free website we offer is catered to individuals or small businesses looking for an economical way to secure their custom domain name ( or .ca ) and establish an internet presence, have a great presentation and be indexed on Google.

The website contains the most essential information you want to relate to the public, about you, about your products or things you do, showing a location map and contact options. We will place your logo or your photo, text and contact information you provide.

A nice feature of your free website is, that you can be contacted by email, via your website without revealing your email to the public. That way you will not receive junk emails.

If you have a domain name registered already, that’s great, no need to transfer it. If not, we will look after it and register it for you.

Any website on the World Wide Web  must be hosted on a server somewhere. The price of hosting services varies depending on the server security, accessibility and quality. Our server has the highest standards, as we do not host any websites with questionable content.

Your website will be fully functional and properly displayed on all hand held devises.